We are optimists by nature and believe that there is not a bad product but a bad salesperson. The competition is very hard out there but your local country is too small in a global World. Your company needs to expand internationally and you need experts in each country to guide you in the sales process. However, it is impossible for a small and medium company to hire the perfect professional for each market as the resources are limited.

In this stage is when we can help you by providing our expertise without breaking the bank. You get the right saleperson with a minimum cost, so you can maximize the investment in other areas of your company.

Study your industry

We work closely in this stage to get a deep understanding of your product or service.

Select the potential markets

We then take all the information from your company and check with our market specialists the potential in each country.

Select your prospects

Once we have selected the target markets, we prepare the propect clients and promote your product or service.


We then help you in the process of selling, deliver and receive payment on your sales.


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Nelia Nelson


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